What is PDF Submission & how to use PDF Submission Sites List

Websites that accept PDF submissions are often known as document-sharing websites. In SEO, PDF submission is taken into account in order to obtain high-quality backlinks from these DA and PA sites.

You may gain high-quality inbound links for your website and raise the visibility of your site on Google with this expanding online marketing method. With the use of PDF Submission Sites List, you may increase organic traffic to your website.

Tips for PDF Submission

Please keep the HTML version of your content together with the PDF files before we continue with our advice for PDF submission. The on-page SEO is addressed in every suggestion shared for PDF submission.

Remember to turn your PDF into readable text.

You must first convert your PDF files into text, which is the most crucial step. Using software for optical character recognition is the most effective technique to convert your PDF files.

Search engines can readily read your files thanks to OCR technology from Adobe Acrobat and then you can start submitting your PDF to the PDF Submission Sites List.

Give your PDF submission a title.

Make sure your PDF’s titles are clickable so that when people see it, they can quickly click on it and read it. Use online title generators instead of creating straightforward titles.

You may find a title generator website to be of great assistance as it offers numerous suggestions for title creation.

Apply Alt Text

Make sure to include alt text for any photos or graphics in your PDF submission files. This is the ideal method for assisting search engines in comprehending your graphics and photos. Check out the PDF Submission Sites List and choose the one that works best for your website.

Avoid spam

Use only proper methods to obtain backlinks. Only upload PDF files of the highest quality to websites to increase your website’s ranking and organic traffic.

Utilize keyword-rich tags.

You may add tags to your PDFs by finding a list of high-PR submission sites. You will be able to increase the visibility of your PDF and drive more visitors to your website, so this could be a fantastic chance for you.

High DA PDF Submission Sites List

S.No. PDF Submission List Year
1 http://www.authorstream.com 2024
2 https://www.scribd.com/ 2024
3 https://issuu.com 2024
4 https://www.edocr.com 2024
5 https://en.calameo.com 2024
6 https://www.mediafire.com 2024
7 https://www.4shared.com 2024
8 http://pdfsr.com 2024
9 https://www.free-ebooks.net 2024
10 https://tiiny.host/pdf-upload/ 2024
11 https://upload-pdf.pdffiller.com/ 2024
12 https://www.docdroid.net/ 2024
13 https://pdfhost.io/ 2024